Puffins are Back! Boat trips to the Farne Islands Reopen!

Boat Trips to the Farne Islands Reopen

The panoramic views from the Beach House Hotel frame the breathtaking Northumberland coast, with the Farne Islands taking centre stage.   We’re delighted to report that following closure of the Islands due to Bird Flu, visitors are once again allowed back on the Island with boats permitted to land again!  

March 25th 2024

 From March 25th 2024, visitor boats can once again land on the Inner Farne Island (please check with your tour operator).  

The Farne Islands: A Wildlife Spectacle Awaits

The Farne Islands are a group of islands off the Northumberland coast at Seahouses and are a National Nature Reserve, internationally renowned and home to approximately 200,000 seabirds.  Perhaps the most famous and loved is the striking puffin – but there are also important colonies for several other species such as the Arctic terns and kittiwakes.  

Every year, these fascinating birds return to the islands, to breed. You can witness this natural spectacle first hand as the puffins return in late March and raise their chicks until the end of summer.

Conservation Efforts Show Promise

The Farne Islands bird colony faced a significant challenge with Avian Influenza in 2022.  This led to the closure of the islands to visitors to help protect the colonies.  Thankfully, conservation efforts are making a difference. Rangers reported that while the disease was still present in 2023, the number of affected birds decreased by 39%. This decline offers hope that the colony is developing some immunity.  

The National Trust, who cares for Inner Farne, is dedicated to protecting these incredible birds. They’re working closely with other organisations to monitor the situation and implement the best measures for the birds’ well-being.  Inner Farne is the only island open for landings this year as the National Trust conducts a limited opening trial. 

Boat trips to the Farne Islands

Book Your Unforgettable Puffin Encounter

Ready to witness these delightful creatures up close? With the Inner Farne Island reopening, you can now book a landing trip with one of the boat operators which line the Seahouses harbour.  We’ve also provided links to two of the boat companies so you can visit their websites to see the range of tours available, such as landing tours, sailing around the islands and sunset cruises.  For those landing on the Inner Farne Island, please note that this is a National Trust site and visitors also need to buy an admission ticket (available from the Seahouses harbour too). 

Experience More Than Just Puffins

Your Farne Islands adventure isn’t just about puffins!   There’s more to explore as the island’s rich cultural history is linked to early Christianity and St Cuthbert. Visit the beautiful St Cuthbert’s Chapel and marvel at the exterior views of the Inner Farne lighthouse and the Pele Tower.

Inner Farne is also home to a Grey Seal colony.  Their breeding season is through the autumn and winter and there’s often plenty of friendly seals who swim in the waters near the islands so you’ll hopefully get a great close-up view so don’t forget your camera!  

The Farne Islands offer an incredible opportunity to reconnect with nature and witness the antics for the amazing puffins.   Book your boat trip to the Farne Islands today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure and create memories that last a lifetime.  



the beach house hotel

Book your stay at the Beachhouse Hotel, Seahouses, and be steps away from your Farne Islands adventure! We look forward to welcoming you and helping you experience the magic of the puffins and the Farne Islands.  

If you have any questions please get in touch  – we’re here to help and always happy to assist you.

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